World Class Expertise

Bio-AMD Ltd. management has:

  • World class expertise in the field of quantitative micro-magnetic and luminescence measurement techniques and applying that specialism to measure density and behaviour of particulate markers within body fluids.
  • Considerable practical experience of dealing with the measurement of changes within body fluids and tissues in micro and nano environments.
  • Extensive experience in the design and development of small, low cost PoC measurement devices that read changes occurring on input strips, both from an engineering, physics (optics and magnetic), reader software and end user perspective.
  • Clear understanding of quality standards, timescales, processes and testing rigours required in the PoC healthcare area.
  • Established relationships with commercial partners capable of creating licence revenue for enhancements of existing market products and also for developing multiple new revenue streams from new applications.
  • A broad skills base across its management team covering scientific, technical and financial expertise. The team has experience of closing commercial deals related to products in this sector.