The Bio-AMD Ltd. management team have worked together for several years;

  • Dr Nasr Djennati (Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer)

    UMIST graduate with extensive experience in instrumentation design, analogue and digital electronics, information technology, sensors design (bio-sensors) and specifically in magnetic nano-particle applications within the medical PoC devices arena. 20 years experience in Hall Effect technology and Magnetic Field measurement and associated applications. Designed and successfully managed a novel PoC Prothrombin device from its original idea to manufacturing status for a major Bio-Medical firm. Delivered a fully functional bench demonstrator to the customer in six months. Nasr also brings specific expertise to Bio-AMD in terms of production engineering, component sourcing and supplier management. Nasr has extensive contacts and experience of dealing with suppliers in China that will be crucial in the cost effective development of Bio-AMDs product pipeline.

  • Dr Andy Mitchell (Chief Technical Officer)

    UMIST graduate with a background in the Aerospace and Energy Generation sectors, Andy has a proven track record in design and implementation of a range of high specification, complex electronics and data communication systems operating to strict safety and type approval standards. Extensive knowledge of analogue, digital and hybrid electronics. Complete system design ability with unique skills in software/firmware development on a wide range of platforms. Successfully achieved MHRA approval for a device used in a clinical study undertaken for a previous employer. Andy brings specific expertise to Bio-AMD in terms of system specification, development and integration. His unique blend of electronics design and software skills ensure that products meet regulatory requirements whilst maintaining reliability and ease of use for the end user.