Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Bio-AMD’s stock symbol?


2) Can I buy stock directly from Bio-AMD?

No – but our stock is traded on the OTCMarkets OTCQB tier, the Venture Marketplace which provides transparent prices for investors through full-depth of book with Real Time Level 2 quotes.

3) When did Bio-AMD become a public company?

Effectively, our Bio-AMD medical device operations became public in early 2010.

4) Where is Bio-AMD located?

Our medical device operations are located at located at Sci-Tech Daresbury, one the UK’s top two scientific innovation centres, near Manchester in the U.K. We also maintain a corporate head office in London, England.

5) When does Bio-AMD’s fiscal year end?

31 December.

6) Whom can I contact for general information about Bio-AMD?

Please contact us via our contact form if you want to know more.

7) How can I find out more about Bio-AMD’s products?

You are in the right place. This website has general information about our technologies and corporation. Our regulatory filings, also available here, have more detailed information. Please contact us via our contact form if you want to know more. We will do our best to answer within the constraints of regulatory requirements and commercial confidentiality

8) What is a point of care device (POC)?

These devices are small machines, typically hand-held, that are able to read medical test strips in the presence of a patient, or even used by the patient themselves, rather than a sample being sent off to a laboratory for analysis. A good POC of device will be well featured, as accurate as a laboratory test, economic and easy to use.

9) Why is BioAMD’s digital strip reader (DSR) better than the current ones available in the market today?

Our technology uses a (patent applied for) Quad Sensor and is designed for low power, efficient manufacture. Because of this DSR can be powered by a solar cell, making it reusable and eliminating battery disposal requirements. Its neat design also allows us to reliably and accurately read low tolerance lateral flow strips that are less than precisely made – it doesn’t necessarily need purpose designed, high tolerance “digital” strips to work. In addition, the (patent applied for) interlocked cartridge cap is designed to eliminate user introduced timing errors (the electronics will only kick off when the test is properly initiated). The cartridge cap containing the test strip also allows multiple tests on a single solar powered device, useful for multiple tests, such as for fertility / ovulation.

10) Where can I find Bio-AMD’s COAG POC system?

This is moving through an active testing and development process in conjunction with a global haematology specialist partner with the expectation of bringing it to market.

11) How can Bio-AMD’s MIDS fill the gap in the industry’s current void?

MIDS is expected to bring truly quantitative, “Gold Standard” laboratory quality POC testing across a wide range of essential tests, such as for cardiac markers to determine heart attack. This will bring POC testing to a new level, delivering accurate automated tests to the bedside, faster and more cost effectively, to the benefit of patients and healthcare providers alike