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Point of Care (PoC) medical diagnostics is a $ multi-billion global market.
Driven by patient need for self monitoring and healthcare cost savings, hand-held devices or readers offering rapid diagnostic test results are fast replacing often slow and expensive laboratory analysis across a range of chronic illnesses and medical conditions that require either regular monitoring or simple yes/no results.

Bio-AMD has positioned itself as a leading innovator in the field of reader technology development.

The first stage of our corporate strategy is to develop our two most advanced patented technology platforms to a point where they can be commercialized by third parties.

These technologies are a Digital Strip Reader (DSR) capable of reading numerous lateral flow strips to detect differing conditions including pregnancy, fertility and ovulation, and a blood coagulation monitor (COAG) for patients on life-long oral anticoagulation therapy.

We are also developing a fully quantitative Magnetic Immunoassay Detection System (MIDS) (formerly referred to as Magnetic Particle Reader or MPR). This is expected to have a significantly enhanced sensitivity based on magnetic nano-particle manipulation and detection, capable of interpreting results on a quantitative basis.

Together, these technologies can provide semi-quantitative and quantitative measurement in PoC devices, using both existing lateral flow and nano/micro-fluidic strips to detect a broad range of medical conditions.

Bio-AMD’s business model is to commercialize its technologies by licensing or royalty arrangements with the large players already established in relevant sectors. This strategy is aimed at gaining rapid exposure to mass markets, avoiding the timelines, risks and costs associated with establishing independent manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution channels.

Bio-AMD comprises a small team with deep expertise and know-how in the application of magnetism and electronics into immunoassay testing, and strong commercial experience of the PoC market. Based at Sci-Tech Daresbury Innovation Campus in the United Kingdom, Bio-AMD is well positioned to become the leading innovator in the field of reader technology development.