Why invest in BIAD?

"Point of Care diagnostic market expected to be worth over $20 billion by 2014"
  • Healthcare is changing with a global imperative to speed up the diagnostic process at reduced cost. The market is driven by both patient demand and the need to deliver cost savings to cash strapped health services. Hand held medical devices offering rapid diagnostic tests can replace slow laboratory analysis on large, expensive machines, across a wide range of indications, addressing both speed and cost issues.
  • One example of how Point of Care (PoC) testing has transformed patient testing is in blood glucose monitoring: Prior to PoC blood glucose monitors being available, testing involved expensive and inconvenient clinic visits. With the advent of cost-effective PoC devices a new market was opened up, rapidly expanding to over $8 billion.

The Right Market

  • BIAD has two developed technologies (patents pending) for DSR (Digital Strip Reader) and COAG (Blood Coagulation Monitor). These are ready for commercialization. BIAD is currently in discussions with potential partners for both.
  • BIAD has a patent application relating to a third exciting technology, MPR (Magnetic Particle Reader)  has significant potential with much wider point of care diagnostic application, opening up new testing markets globally.

The Right Technologies: Already Interesting Global Players

  • BIAD’s business model is geared towards creating profitability quickly with the minimum risk and cost. This is expected to be achieved by licensing technologies to large players in the POC market avoiding manufacturing, marketing and sales costs to take advantage of the quickest route to substantial revenues through main player distribution channels.

The Right Business Model