Blood Coagulation Monitor

COAG full image

Patented technology currently in commercial development with a global haematology partner. Key features include:

Lab accuracy to give patient day to day control of anti-coagulant intake
State of the art digital electronics and embedded software
Unique blood detection design (blood and plasma)
Very low volume whole blood sample required (‘finger-stick’)
Fast response test result
Temperature control with direct strip measurement
External power supply and battery
USB connection for data output
Internal memory
Ease of use

Patients with cardiac problems are often on life-long oral anticoagulation therapy, for example Warfarin or Coumadin. Frequent testing and careful monitoring of the Prothrombin Time (PT)/ International Normalized Ratio (INR) or blood coagulation, to regulate the doses of anticoagulation therapy is a necessity.

However, current testing for PT/INR is both costly (to the healthcare provider since tests are normally performed in the lab) and time consuming.
Bio-AMD is currently developing a new hand-held meter device using combined magnetic/optical detection sensors, with a unique for micro-fluidic strip using very low blood volume.

Bio-AMD’s COAG POC system is based on our disposable microfluidic strip which allows the testing of coagulation immunoassays that utilize multiple reagents. We anticipate the newly designed strip to detect not only for the commonly tested prothrombin time (PT) / International Normalized Ratio (INR), but also other tests such as Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT).

blood coagulation monitor strip main image