Digital Strip Reader

Digital Strip Reader main image

The first stage of our corporate strategy has been to develop a universal digital strip reader (DSR). Key features include:

Unique interlocked cartridge cap
Unique Quad Solar Cell light sensor array
Clear digital LCD output to minimise errors
Environmentally friendly – No batteries or chemicals (fully disposable)
High sensitivity (semi-quantitative measurement)
Tolerance free system
Low manufacturing cost (higher profit margin)
Ability to read any lateral flow strip including those using colour change
Ease of use
To see the DSR in action go here: DSR movie.

The DSR has a wide range of applications. We have focused our commercial efforts initially on a next generation pregnancy test for ‘Over The Counter’ and home use. We believe, as a Pregnancy Test Kit (PTK), that DSR is superior to the market leading digital products:

DSR Comps

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Our DSR technology platform can read and semi-quantify any traditional chromatography based, nitro-cellulose, lateral-flow immunoassay tests, predicated on what we believe to be a unique optical sensor arrangement. The DSR comprises a proprietary design incorporating sensors, diagnostics, display and power management capabilities. A key feature of our DSR technology is that its platform can be adapted and applied to numerous and disparate lateral flow diagnostic tests.

We intend to expand into related product areas including ovulation & fertility in the near future. The DSR platform can also be adapted for other immunoassay test and we are currently exploring other potential areas such as cholesterol (lifestyle testing), cardiac markers, drugs of abuse and infectious diseases e.g. HIV, syphilis, H. Plyori, Chlamydia.